Alex Fohl and the Lady in Black are going to read a selection of poems written by Ed Webster who has published his first book: THE TAMING SHROUD. Webster’s photo-poetic work is about friendship, little secrets and battles, it is a story of love and freedom, an essay on hope and loss facing the question: What is left, when we are gone?

If you really want to find out, you should come and join the House of Ghosts on May 27, 2016 at 8:00 p.m. A couple of friendly hosts and airy ghosts will give you a warm welcome to a world of demons and spirits unfolding their obsessions, memories and dreams before getting swept away by the winds.

André Mergenthaler is well known for being a passionate cellist and composer who has performed on stages around the world. His most intimate relationship with his beloved instrument and his famous cello loops will perfectly match the abyssal poetry of a ghostwriter who is looking for beauty, the powerful beauty of the word.

une création Atelier-Paradiso